Warmia and Mazury

The Warmia and Mazury Region is all about forests, lakes, and pure air – this is how inhabitants of other parts of Poland perceive the Warminsko-Mazaurskie Voivodeship. They recognise the region as a perfect asylum, and escape from stressful life and everyday rush. The Land of Great Mazurian Lakes is a candidate of Poland in the world’s New 7 Wanders of Nature Plebiscite.
However, it is also worth emphasising here that apart from its natural attractions contributing to tourism and relaxation, the Warmia and Mazury Region is also provided with intellectual, cultural and economic potential. Entrepreneurs from the Warmia and Muzury Region co-operate with international companies. Many well educated people live and work here, and the local academic environment has long traditions. Our Voivodeship has many possibilities for development of small manufacture, particularly in labour-consuming and job creating sectors. Agricultural produce processing and trade develop in the the region. The exceptionally pure natural environment is ideal for local farming and the highest quality food becomes a speciality of the Warmia and Mazury Region. The advantage of the region is its cultural heritage and the people who fell in love with Warmia and Mazury and found their place to live, work and create here.

The main advantages of the Warminsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship include:

  • Favourable natural conditions for development of tourism and agritourism (lake districts and forests);
  • Natural environment: pure and ecological health resort, the region belongs to the “Green Lungs of Poland” Complex;
  • The sea port in Elbląg (by the Vistula Lagoon);
  • Localisation nearby the external eastern border of the European Union with the Kalinigrad District, and highly rated scientific institutes and majors mainly focused on agriculture, as well as agricultural and food processing: Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn and the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn with faculties of good reputation among scientists, such as: The Faculty of Animal Bioengineering, the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Fisheries, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Environmental Management and Agriculture, and the Faculty of Food Sciences.
  • The sources of wood which contribute to development of wood and furniture industries;
  • Convenient natural conditions for development of fishery: water cover 6% of the voivodeship’s area , 18.2% of the country’s total area, development of fishing management in four directions: lake, pons, river and sea management (the Vistula Lagoon);
  • High potential of agricultural and food production;
  • The City of Olsztyn is the main centre of food, tyre, timber tourist industries, and
  • The City of Elbląg is an important centre of heavy industry, a sea port and a centre of tourism.

source: www.wrota.warmia.mazury.pl